Thursday, November 12, 2009

Beaver Productions

Another advertiser heard on Beaker Street and KAAY was Beaver Productions.  Maybe someone can tell us if it was Tom Perry(man) or Gary Gears who did that toenails-deep voiceover?  Needless to say, they brought many, many bands in, such as Spirit, Baby,  This is a picture from their website, dated 2008.  Does anyone have an earler logo from the Beaker Street days?  Was there even one any/much different?

For those who want concert information, you can register on their website:

Who could forget those concert ads, late at night with that deep, spooky voice?  Yeah!

As an afterthought, I've also heard David B. McCallum (sp?)...does anyone know anything about this promotor, advertising via Beaker Street, from the early 1970's?

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