Sunday, November 15, 2009

More airchecks from the Phil North collection

As we work our way through Phil's library of airchecks, we encounter these three items:
  1. The Campaign:  A commercial for The Campaign, where Napolean explains to Josephine that he must be off for another campaign at The Campaign, which has a load of sales merchandise to sell in just 10 days. David Treadway and Mary Donald star....(well, kind of)  PLAY STREAM | DOWNLOAD
  2. The Stars: Mike McCormick takes us from a pioneer's adventure, navigating by the stars, to buying a used car at Twin City Motors.  It's a bit of a stretch, but Mike almost pulls it off....  PLAY STREAM | DOWNLOAD.
  3. Love Story: Phil does his level best to convince us that we really do need to buy a 2-LP collection of the best dialog and music from the Love Story movie....  PLAY STREAM | DOWNLOAD
As always, thanks, Phil!

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