Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Floyd'sRecord Shop

And, speaking of record shops, let's not forget Floyd's Record Shop, 434 East Main Street, Ville Platte, LA.  I remeber hearing a segment of Timeless Tracks where Tony Warner had A. J., Pat Walsh and a couple other former KAAY stalwarts in the studio and A. J. and another fellow boomed out, "V-I-L-L-E, P-L-A-T-T-E!", just as if  they were still in the studio!

Floyd's was another advertiser on KAAY back in the day.  If you want authentic zydeco or cajun music, this is the place, but they also carry many other types.  Not only that, Floyd's carries musical instruments and also VINYL RECORDS!  How many kids nowadays actually know what a vinyl record is?

Anyone deal with Floyd's back in the day?  Please leave your comments here!

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