Monday, November 2, 2009

Pics From Dave M.

Hey, hope everyone had a good Halloween!  I escaped getting "tee-pee'd" this year, so I can rest assured that my daughter didn't make anyone angry!

Dave M. has sent along some pictures of Bill Edwards and the Funmobile...his comments:

"(here is a picture of) Bill Edwards (Bill Howell) made in late 1973 at the Weiderkehr Vinyards, wine festival. Havin' some fun with the grapes!"

"(And) A couple of the blue Funmobile, one in front of the W 7th Street studios, and the other at a remote broadcast from the LR Zoo."

Some pretty cool stuff!  Thank you, Dave!

I must say, the cooperation of everyone here has been stupendous!  These pictures, as well as many other things donated here, have been a source of great enjoyment for all.  Thank you to everyone and...


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