Monday, November 30, 2009

Revisiting "Clyde Clifford, Then & Now"

Kevin Stottrup said...

"As a teen, the only good thing about returning from an evening out at a reasonable hour was to sit mesmerized under a starry Minnesota sky listening to Clyde Clifford's Beaker St.

These memories came back to mind tonight as I watched Pirate Radio in the theatre with my adult sons. I felt like a pioneer rock-listener.

Thanks Clyde, glad to see you're still with it.


(This found as a comment from the original post of 8/3/09, moderated today.)

Thanks for stopping by, Kevin! Please visit often and give us more memories to post here! I have yet to the the movie, "Pirate Radio", since its debut here in Mobile, AL was delayed...and I still don't know if it has made it or not, as of this date. I "chased" radio pirates for a large part of my radio monitoring life, but haven't trolled for them in several over 300 QSL cards and recordings from 'em, too!

Bud S.

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