Monday, November 2, 2009

Dave M. Re: Bill Howell, KAAY & The Wiederkehr Winery

The picture of Bill Howell – note the KAAY “cooler”, a popular give-away. We all had ‘em. The event was a yearly wine festival held at the Wiederkehr Winery at Altus, Arkansas, about 2 hours up I-40 from Little Rock. Here’s a link to the Wiederkehr web page. They actually make some nice wines, well known in the region but not so much nationally. I see their festival was in September this year. If you EVER get a chance to go, it’s a great time. We rode there on a bus to keep things “safe” on the way home. The winery is not very far at all from where AJ lived.

Matt Wiederkehr was part of the family that operated the winery at Altus. One of Matt’s hobbies was hot air ballooning, and he flew the Wiederhehr hot air balloon all over the region to publicize the family’s winery business. Each year he would bring his hot air balloon to Little Rock for a flyover. He would team up with KAAY and fly over Little Rock with one of our air staff doing cut-ins from the balloon. I flew with Matt once that I remember, and there were others.

Part of the promotion was that KAAY would give away a trip to the wine festival, with bus fare, the nice dinner in the Winekeller restaurant, and of course the “safe” ride home.

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