Friday, November 27, 2009

Rob Robbins, Thanksgiving Night, 1962

Bud S. has recently acquired a collection of airchecks from KAAY's classic years, and we plan to share these with you over the next few weeks.

We start with a 15-minute aircheck from Thanksgiving night, Nov. 22, 1962, with Rob Robbins.  It's a relaxed session, with Rob playing call-in requests  ("Franklin 5-5311"), including an unusual request from a high-school algebra student, who wants help with his homework ("what's the square root of 17,896?").  Can you handle that one?  (I used to be able to do square roots with pencil and paper, but hand-held calculators made me forget how!)

(download here)

Thanks, Bud!

---Dave S.


  1. I changed this to Rob Robbins from Bob Robbins.

    The recording is from my acetate tape which a friend transferred to CD for me around 1999 or 2000. This is the first CD where I noticed the CD degradation which has been discussed here. The reason the recording sounds a bit strange is because I couldn't even play the CD to make an MP3 for A.J. I sent my CD to A.J., and he wanted the recording so much that he purchased softare (ISO Buster) in order to extract the files from my CD. He sent me the extracted files which were full of weird noise. I cleaned them up, so this is the end result of our efforts. I could actually see little pin holes in the mirror-like media on my CD. The good news is we will eventually have a new recording from my tape which is residing in Athens, Ohio at WEAK-LP FM.


  2. I forgot to metion how I labelled the original tape box. I didn't have any idea how the Deejay's names were created, so I wrote, "KAAY Thanksgiving, 1962, The Real Rob Robins."

  3. Thanks, Ron!
    Dave S.