Friday, January 22, 2010

1972 KAAY-WOAI Bet

KAAY always had SOMETHING going on!  Sometimes two or three promotions at a time.  This time, it was a bet between KAAY and WOAI down in Texas, regarding the 1972 Razorback-Longhorn football game.

If the Razorbacks won, the WOAI had to send 100 lbs. of prime steak to KAAY; if the Longhorns won, KAAY had to send 100 lbs. of ham.  In addition, the losing station's deejay  (between KAAY's Wayne Moss and WOAI's Bob Moody) would have to go to the winning deejay's city and treat him to a fine meal.

I like the spunk in this announcement- the announcer said, "...when the Longhorns lose..."...but it was not to be:  Arkansas lost to Texas, 15-35 on 10/21/72:,_1970–1979

Can anyone identify the announcer in this audio clip?  By the way, Barry McCorkindale donated this audio clip for all of us to enjoy...thank you, Barry Mac!

(download here)

(Thanks to Dave S. for help with the audio!)

(Dave M. says it is Wayne Moss...thanks, Dave!  Bud S,)

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  1. Voice on the clip is that of Wayne Moss, although it took me a second or two to recognize him. This brings up something "funny" in the transference from analog to mp3 digital.

    Dunno what it is, but something in the process is raising the pitches of the voices. It's not a lot, but it is noticeable--and it seems to be uniform.