Sunday, January 3, 2010

My Meeting With Jerry Sims/"Sonny Martin II"!

        Jerry Sims/"Sonny Martin II" and Bud Stacey

When Jerry Sims informed me that he was about to take a business trip to Mobile, AL and points beyond, and wanted to meet ME, I was thrilled beyond comparison!  We met at the Original Oyster House this afternoon on the Mobile Bay Causeway for supper.  The Original Oyster House is a mile east of its old location, due to having been "blown out" by Hurricane Katrina back in 2005.  It had been flooded several times, by hurricanes Ivan and Georges, but not devastated as in Katrina.  Since the Causeway is barely inches above river level, many businesses along this stretch of nostalgic roadway across Mobile Bay have been closed over the decades.  But, I am running up a rabbit trail....

Jerry and I spoke of lots of things besides KAAY: softball, religion, radio in general (Ham and broadcast), TV, etc.  It was a very enjoyable evening and Jerry was very gracious to me, a former listener.  I was (and still am!) humbled in his presence!  We "did the math" and, yes, I was a listener of his...I was young and don't remember the details, but, in the time that I found KAAY, I listened during his shift.

Jerry mentioned once when he was in Biloxi, MS, he decided to twiddle the dial and BOOM! in came KAAY.  I told him that, in looking at the nighttime pattern, the Gulf Coast was in a large area, what I would call a "sweet spot" much so, that I mentioned to Jerry that a friend of mine had listened in bed at night as a kid with nothing but a pocket radio using its internal ferrite rod antenna!

Jerry brought some of his treasures down to show to me...his cart machine (pictured on A.J.'s blog) and numerous pictures.  Some we have already seen via the blog, but he found others that he mentioned that he'll scan and send along to share.  I can hardly wait!

I had a great time and could have talked late into the evening, but I knew that Jerry had several long days of sales meetings ahead of him...not only that, but it was 35 degrees, slated to get colder, and we said our "see ya laters" (I don't like saying "goodbye").

The picture above was snapped for us by our waitress Lisa...and, as you can see, Jerry (on the left) is STILL a good-lookin' feller after all these years!  Yours truly (on the right) went ahead and got a haircut & beard trim, now that Christmas is over.

Today, January 3, 2010, I stood in the shadow of a true giant and idol, Jerry Sims...thank you, Jerry!

Bud S. (


  1. How great is this? I know that BOTH of you had a wonderful visit. Actually, I'm jealous. I hope to get the opportunity to interview Jerry sometime in the near future. I remember when Jerry was in television as well. I didn't know until later that he was "Sonny Martin II." Great picture too, Bud!

    Richard Robinson

  2. Kind words from you both. I am just a very lucky guy who was in the right place at the right time. Also, I suppose, I had enough talent to fill the bill. It was a very fun time in my past. I loved KAAY and the memory of it. Also....I do not understand why anyone associated with her would not want to at least look back a little. My life is full now, but looking back is fun too. I like to remember and am always eager to talk about it, if y'all want to.

    Also you tech guys might know, but what happened to that signal. Last night, here in Mobile, I tried with no success. Where is Felix Mc Donald when we need him? I have been in the area, years back, and could pick it up.

    Also anyone who does not appreciate the efforts Bud and others put in on the blog are not paying close enough attention. Thanks Guys!

    Jerry Sims