Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Jerry Sims' Memories Of Pat Walsh

As always, I enjoyed the post from David B. I have great memories too of Pat Walsh. My impressions of Pat run close to his. Anyone who knew Pat, I am sure, will have stories of his rough, gruff, exterior that he was very proud of. Not everyone got to see the other side. A comment that paints a great picture of Pat in the "compassion department" is this: As a young Sonny Martin, newly married, and feeling rather grown up, I arranged to buy a house. I wanted to take care of all the details of the buy without involving my financial consultant (my dad). When it came time to close on the house the mortgage company called with details of time and place. They also told me the amount of money I would need for closing. I had never known of anything called "closing costs".  I was in a heap of trouble having used all the money I could come up with for a down payment.

I was too embarrassed to talk to my dad about the money. I went to Pat and asked if it was possible to get an advance on my pay. He listened to my story and told me that it was a policy of Lin Broadcasting to never advance anyone pay. I turned to leave Pat's office when I heard him say...."but that doesn't keep me from giving you the money personally.  Just keep it between us." That was Pat. I feel free now to let y'all know. He was my boss and my friend.

Also on hearing the stories of the famous, loud butt chewings.....Funny, but Pat never said anything cross or otherwise to me about my time on the air. Also, not much from A.J.either. Mostly just good or constructive. (like how to say K A A Y without running the two A's together...and they had stopped us from using K- Double- A- Y) The other character in David B's post, G.J.J., a great radio newsman, was not my boss. We got along when we needed to.

Jerry Sims..The Middle....Sonny Martin

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