Saturday, January 23, 2010

Beaker Street Megalomania Aircheck

I can't recall where I got this aircheck; it is labelled, "Beaker St KAAY 1975-08 or Later Megalomania".  It's just a 33-second aircheck at the end of a Black Sabbath selection.  The announcer sounds like Clyde Clifford.  Give a listen- can anyone verify who this is?

(download here)

Just one of those curiosity things of mine....Bud S. (
(Thanks to Dave S. for the audio link!)

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  1. Bud, this aircheck came from me, I had it on a tape segment. The album reference puts a reasonably close date stamp. I'm thinking it was recorded beyween Aug 75 - 76. There's another aircheck..."77/stuar...." that I found & posted, accurately dated, as it mentions Rush's new album, Farewell to Kings.