Thursday, January 7, 2010

KAAY Feature on Little Rock TV

This is a video feature about KAAY that appeared on Little Rock TV nearly 5 years ago. KTHV Channel 11 aired it on February 14, 2005, as part of a series called “Whatever Happened to…?” The Mighty 1090 was certainly a great subject for that.

The station did 4.5 minutes on KAAY, which is long for a TV news or feature story. It is a great, savvy piece by Craig O’Neill, the station’s sports director and a Little Rock radio veteran, though as you’ll hear, he didn’t work at KAAY. But he looked thrilled to be doing the story!


I read about this feature somewhere on the 'net shortly after it aired, called KTHV, and they referred me to the Gene Stewart Pro Video aircheck service in Little Rock, who had a copy. They sent me a VHS tape with the feature, plus the teases, intros and banter by the TV anchors. Total time: 6:13.


There is an interesting spot in the piece where O’Neill visits KAAY (in 2005) and talks with Barry Mack, who ran the station. Mack said he found “a few hundred” tapes at the transmitter. The tapes formed the basis of a show called “Radio Yesterday“, in which the old KAAY briefly resurfaced, but it is not on their schedule nowadays. What exactly was on those tapes? Can anyone get access to them? Just curious....

Greg Barman
Denver CO


  1. Did Gene Stewart happen to mention his tenure in the KAAY newsroom under the name Frank Woods? I remember him filling in as a DJ, too, when the station got short-handed, circa 1969-70.

    David B. Treadway
    Doc Holiday VII

  2. Hello David, I don't remember who I talked with the aircheck service or any mention of working at KAAY, sorry. But I do recall they were eager to find that clip and send it out, so perhaps....


  3. i remember in 1965 listening to KAAY in eastern Iowa. In Iowa it was KAAY and WLS . Once in a while we could skip in the Wolf man jack from california. Those were the days when radio rocked!