Saturday, January 30, 2010

My Thanks To You...

Dear readers,

I wanted to give thanks for all who contribute to the blog; without them, there would be no blog, nor little tribute to one of the greatest stations ever to grace the dial, KAAY. The deejays, engineers and everyone who worked at or contributed in some way to the station, my hat is off to you. Your stories, anecdotes and contributed materials are of utmost value to us. To the audio and memorabilia collectors, you have also helped in a great way to add to the memories. And to the listeners, your comments and memories further enrich the history of KAAY, as well.

I cannot even BEGIN to be able to thank Those Greats Who Were There: Jerry Sims, David B. Treadway, Greg Fadick, Dave Montgomery, Don Payne, Jonnie King, Phil North, Mark Larson, Barry McCorkindale, and others, who have given of their time and talent to sift back through the years, to contribute and share their valuable memories, recordings and materials with us. The same warm gratitude goes out to Dave Schmidt, Richard Robinson, Ron Henselman, John Shultz, Greg Barman, Tom “The Voice” Perryman and others, who either put in sweat equity, time, talents or materials, to keep this tribute site going. And, especially to you, dear reader, who takes the time to visit, leave a comment, or gives insight on your KAAY enjoyment- I thank you.

This is NOT “my” belongs to everyone. My passion, drive and love of great memories of KAAYs’ Top 10 heyday compels me to constantly search, research and do the best possible to bring even more history “to the page”. I constantly beg, plead, cajole, entice and otherwise harass the aforementioned Greats for their memories- and they so willingly and graciously comply, all because of their love of the station and the fun they had while at KAAY. I cede authority to Them in matters of KAAY history. However, without EVERYONE’S contributions, this blog would have died a quick death.

Have I made mistakes? Yes, I have, I humbly apologize...and I’ve done my best to correct them, when alerted to the fact. I depend on everyone connected with the station to keep me straight! Only the true history of the station is coveted here. I understand opinions abound, at times; that is to be expected. They’ll be left to the “comments” section of the posts, if they warrant merit, OR, if deemed important enough, as in the search for more history, posted appropriately. However, as I’ve mentioned to the various contributors as I’ve contacted them or interviewed with them over the phone: we do not run an “Enquirer” here and “dirt” will not be tolerated.

My humble thanks to all...and may we all be able to keep this blog alive for some time to come. Your contributions of audio, station memorabilia, memories and what-have-you are always welcome; we’ll share them here for all to enjoy!

Bud Stacey (

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