Tuesday, January 5, 2010

FHP-DXer on Herbie Byrd

FHP-DXer said...

I can barely remember hearing Herbie Byrd doing news when my dad listened to KLRA back in the mid 70's. Before KSSN went in with their country music about 1977-78 my parents mainly listened to KOTN (before moving briefly to LR metro), KLRA, and of course KAAY.

Local news on the radio is a lost art and something out of the history books, like 24/7 music videos on MTV.

(yes, I'm a Gen-X'er that considers the 1970's the "Golden Age Of TV")

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  1. You do know all that AM radio I heard as a kid planted a seed. Anyhow, thanks to this blog for bringing back some distant memories of the "good old days" and some history. Radio in the 1970's was perhaps in my humble opinion the last golden age before splintered playlists, and deregulation came along to change things and in many ways not in a positive way.

    I decided that this subject needed some treatment, so I blogged about it over at "DXing From Lincoln County Arkansas" last night.

    In a nutshell, news on the radio (local) in Central Arkansas produced in-house outside of KUAR Public Radio, and KARN-FM is nil. A few other stations broadcast special newscasts produced by sponsoring TV partners (sports-talk KABZ's arrangement with KATV comes to mind).

    Fritze Prentice, Jr (FHP-DXer)