Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Felix McDonald

Felix McDonald has been mentioned in this and A. J.'s blog numerous times...everyone has said what a knowlegable man and gentleman he is.  I had the pleasure to speak with him briefly last night.  Mr. McDonald (I couldn't bear to call him Felix- I didn't feel worthy!) had a cold and had difficulty speaking.  He also mentioned, though, that he was recovering and doing better after the stroke he suffered.

As I spoke with him about KAAY, I mentioned that he was every bit of a hero of mine as was the deejays I listened to; also, that I was in awe of the Mighty 1090's RCA transmitter and all the moxie it had.  Funny thing, though, he wanted to talk more about Ham radio (which both of us are Extra Class operators) and he took my callsign ("...maybe we'll talk on 40 meters?") and my telephone number.  I will definitely call him later, hopefully, when he is feeling better.

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  1. Felix was a transmitter operator at KTHS-Hot Springs and threw the switch that ended the 10,000 watt transmissions from the Hot Springs site. He later became Chief Engineer of KAAY and was my Transmitter Supervisor (1982-1983). He was also Chief Engineer of KLRA at the time.

    Felix knew the Wrightsville site like the back of his hand. I left KAAY when I declined Paul Fiddick's to fire him.