Monday, January 4, 2010

Comments, Re: Richard Robinson and Jerry Sims

(Richard first...)

How great is this? I know that BOTH of you had a wonderful visit. Actually, I'm jealous. I hope to get the opportunity to interview Jerry sometime in the near future. I remember when Jerry was in television as well. I didn't know until later that he was "Sonny Martin II." Great picture too, Bud!

Richard Robinson

(...and from Jerry)

Kind words from you both. I am just a very lucky guy who was in the right place at the right time. Also, I suppose, I had enough talent to fill the bill. It was a very fun time in my past. I loved KAAY and the memory of it. Also....I do not understand why anyone associated with her would not want to at least look back a little. My life is full now, but looking back is fun too. I like to remember and am always eager to talk about it, if y'all want to.

Also you tech guys might know, but what happened to that signal? Last night, here in Mobile, I tried with no success. Where is Felix McDonald when we need him? I have been in the area, years back, and could pick it up.

Also anyone who does not appreciate the efforts Bud and others put in on the blog are not paying close enough attention. Thanks Guys!

Jerry Sims

(Thank YOU, gentlemen!  Jerry, ANYTIME you have a memory pop up, you have the floor, as I've mentioned have all access!  Also, Jerry, to answer your question, KAAY had been granted a reduction of power...see previous posts along the lines of this and possible other causes.

Richard, I'll be looking forward to that interview with Jerry!  Also, we need some comments from Eddie Graham!  Go fishing with him and pry into that sharp mind of his!  Bud)

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  1. In all the discussion about radio in the 1960s in Little Rock, one person who has not received the attention he probably deserves was a competitor of KAAY in the news field, Herbie Byrd. He probably was Little Rock's first radio newsman, as we know them today, running all over town in his news cruiser, reporting first for KVLC, a 6 a.m to 6 p.m. station, and then later for KLRA. I would like to hear the remembrances of all the KAAY people about Herbie.

    Jim Clark
    Rogers, Arkansas