Friday, January 22, 2010

Wayne Moss & The WOAI-KAAT Bet

Dave M. and David B. Treadway identified Wayne Moss as the voice behind the WOAI-KAAY bet, previously posted.  Wayne was a "Sonny Martin", left KAAY then came back and used his own name, which was a rare case, since the moniker was already in use (Was Matt White using "Sonny Martin" at the time, does anyone know?  I'm supposing so...Bud S.).

Dave M. sends along some goodies gleaned from A. J. Lindsey's old blog that we gladly share here:

Note that the date on the personality profile is 9/27/62 and Wayne Moss was 25 years young at the time this was released.

Click on the attachments, they should expand for better viewing.  Thank you, Dave M.!

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  1. KAAY Tidbits:
    Wayne Moss (Sonny Martin) was on the air from 12:30-3:00 (following Marvin Vines 12-12:30) and he became PD when Jim Hankins (Mike McCormick) left the station in early '64.

    It was Hankins who was the mastermind when the KAAY signed on with the new format and call letters. He would go on to PD positions at WLS, WABC, and top stations in Houston.

    The afternoon drive 3:00 - 6:30 was Bob Mullins, (Buddy Carr). Garner Ted and others were on 6:30 - 8:00.

    Moss left the station after a very short stint and was replaced as PD by A.J. Lindsey, (Doc Holiday.)

    Also leaving during the approximate time period was George Jennings, (replaced as News Director by B. Bruce Jenkins), who went home to Texas and KBOX in Dallas. He would later move to WOAI and San Antonio. Jennings returned to Little Rock in the 70s but would go back to Texas and briefly New Orleans before retiring from WOAI in the late 90s.

    A couple of A.J.'s first hires were Tommy Riggs for the night shift, and Matt White as the new Sonny Martin. Riggs was a talented musician in his own right and would leave for Nashville in the mid-70s. (His bother Steve continues to live in Little Rock.)

    White would leave 1090 for KSSN and was allowed to taken the "Sonny Martin" name with him. He retired from broadcasting a few years later and moved to s resort on the Little Red River near Heber Springs which his wife's family owned. He can still be heard on stations in the Searcy market.