Thursday, April 15, 2010

Arkansas Ham Radio Special Event Station

For those of you who enjoy the "different" and "interesting": I was just informed by Bill, WA9AQQ this morning of a special event Ham radio station that will take place from April 17 through the 25th, from 1400 to 2300Z (9 AM until 6 PM Central Time) from the club station W5HSV, located at Hot Springs Village Arkansas (note the last three letters of the callsign).  For those who are Ham radio operators, or if you have shortwave listening capabilities, tune in to 21.240 MHz, 14.240 MHz (both in upper sideband mode), 7.240 and 3.940 Mhz (both in lower sideband) at different times of the day.  There will be only one station operating, so any of the frequencies will be used one at a time during different parts of the day.

The special even station is to commemorate the 40th anniversary of Hot Springs Village, AR.

Ham radio operators will recieve a beautiful certificate for their QSL sent to the station.  I suppose, in the case of a shortwave listener sending in a short report, a certificate would also be received...these guys from Arkansas are top-notch operators and welcome shortwave listeners, as well, so ask!

Reports and QSLs go to: Ken Graham, W5HSV, 71 Mandarina Dr., Hot Springs Village, AR 71909.

(Reason being, we've mentioned the Good Ol' Arkansas Phone Net here before and several of the operators there were KAAY listeners in the "glory days"; they visit our blog from time to time and I, as a Ham myself, enjoy operating with them and support them...might as well say, "everything Arkansas" for the blog!  Bud S.)

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