Monday, April 5, 2010

Dave M. Comments on "The Last Day"....

Barry’s and David-B’s “last hours” essays are pure treasure.

You hear it often as a joke – “last one out, turn off the lights”. Well, this was the real deal, and it was in the guts. It was truly the day the music died, the last great breath of a gentle giant. I wish I could have heard the old RCA 50kW sing her last song, but . . . . (Wasn’t it poetic that she didn’t want to give up the microphone?) I’m glad I was 600 miles away and didn’t hear any of it.

Thank you Dave B and Barry for the bitter-sweet memories. We owe ya big-time!


(No where else and from no one else could we get heart-wrenching stories but from Those Who Were There...and, if anyone else can add to this important, but sad anniversary, please let us know!  bs)

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