Monday, April 5, 2010

The Last Day: During The Day Part 1

How can one follow the gut-wrenching stories of Barry Mac or David B. Treadway regarding that Last Day, the Day The Music Died on KAAY? I don’t think that if I wrote for a hundred years, I could even begin to convey the hurt, anger, anguish, confusion or the betrayal felt by Those Who Were There, whose beloved Friendly Giant was being sold out from under them.

Nonetheless, there ARE audio bits saved from that day; we gleaned all we could find from A.J.’s blog (by the way, as of middle March, the audio is back on there, thanks to an unknown benefactor! bs). We will be presenting those audio bits here for your enjoyment. The “Sonny Martin” you’ll hear is Matt White; the “Mike McCormick” is Barry “Woody” Wood. The different bits you’ll hear will be recollections of days past, re, the KAAY Komandos, different promotions, programming, antics and other things they got into.

I wish we had more audio; it must be “out there” somewhere. Wherever A.J. got it, it must be in existence, but we know not where; maybe someone out there rolled more tape and will be willing to share with us...

 Sonny Martin on the Last Day:  stream  |  download

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