Thursday, April 8, 2010

Jim's Memories Of A.J.

A.J. owned (at one point or another) 3 Water Bed stores in Pine Bluff, Stuttgart, and Little Rock. I actually worked for him as a store manager for all 3 at one time or another before my return to radio.

A.J. also owned and ran a skating rink just outside Pine Bluff for a while as well. Somewhere I have a photo of my, now, 30-year old daughter at around age 2 in a pair of skates in the skating rink.

When A.J. and I worked at KCLA in Pine Bluff, he and our sales manager, Roger Breedlove, made a trip to Monticello, AR and managed to find the owner/founder of Monark boats. They worked out a deal with him give away a 14' flat-bottom fishing boat a day for 2 weeks (if memory serves). We got busy working on Promos and the mechanics of the contest and then Roger got a call from the C.O.O. of Monark Boats trying to get 'up-to-speed' on what had happened when he turned his back. Apparently, while the gentleman they had talked to was, in fact the Owner/Founder, he was somewhat inactive in running the business--unless, of course he decided to. The promotion went off without a hitch--as far as what listeners heard, but we definitely weren't sure for a while there.


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