Friday, April 9, 2010

The Last Day: During The Day Part 3

I’m not sure how the following segments follow one another, so I’ll post them, according to times mentioned, as best I can find. This is a short segment of how “Harper Valley PTA” was the first country music selection played on KAAY; it is ‘scoped, so the whole song is not played. A news segment follows the song, done by Don Griffin at 1:00 PM...does anyone know if this is his real name or just an air name?

Last Day, Harper Valley PTA:   stream   |   download


  1. The Last Day Part 3 DJ / announcer is Mike McCormick (Barry Wood). Sorry, I can’t help on the Don Griffin question –

    Rgds, //DM//

  2. To borrow from "Fight Club"--
    His name IS Don Griffin.

  3. Yep, his real name is Don Griffin. Another example of EXACTLY the kind of people I want working for/with me!

    David B.