Tuesday, April 27, 2010

"Hippy Listeners of KAAY", Vintage Poster

This was a poster, titled, "Space Rider", sold on E-Bay by someone who claims to have been the owner of The Little Barn...this is the link:


It would be interesting to know what else this fellow would have for sale, since he admits to having much more to offer.  There is no contact information on the link above.

There are several other posters of interest there on the link.  It would be interesting to find this fellow!  Does anyone have any contact information as to the whereabouts of the former Little Barn owner?

Bud S. (staceys4@hotmail.com)

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  1. Bud,

    The owners of the Little Barn when I was at KAAY were George & C.J. Very nice people. I used to take some of my girlfriends there, and they would be blown away by the place.

    In fact, I used to buy all of my Incense, Peppermints, and, Tie-Dye Doo Rags there ! (lol)

    The poster in question said it was being offered by "fishnuts" and fishnuts had an eBay account, and an Ark. address. SO, I went to eBay and messaged that party with my info...I'll let you know if I get an answer.

    BTW: Another great headshop at the time was "The Village Fox" run by two really cool ladies. It was in a strip mall on the same street as the L.B., but in the other direction. I spent some great times there too.

    As I have said before: During the years I was there, L.R. was just a hotbed of fun, cute girls, good food, cute girls, great concerts, and,good friends, did I mention, CUTE GIRLS !

    AGAIN: To be there at that time & place was one of the BEST TIMES OF MY LIFE !