Saturday, April 17, 2010

Jerry Sims/Sonny Martin Audio!

(Jerry Sims recently found a tape in his collection of himself...and a very important and valuable tape, indeed!  Read on and enjoy the audio...many thanks to Jerry! bs)

Back in 1966 we were having some fun on KAAY. I believe the listeners were, and I can assure you we were. Here is an air-check from my Sonny Martin Program on August 30, 1966. We would always cut out the music when we recorded these. DJ's and Program Directors knew what the music sounded like. I did not think at the time that this would be listened to by others, 40+ years later, that would want "the whole experience." Sorry.

There were some special things I remember about this particular program. First of all, my good friend Richard Wiethan was about to take over the Buddy Karr name and shift. He walked into the control room to say hello, with his shades on. That is who I was talking to when I said "Hello Hollywood". Then he was acting silly and almost fell over a chair. Also his voice is on the tape (my only recording of this good friend) promoting the new season of the Buddy Karr Program starting September 12th, with a special preview on September 5th. I then said he would be on later today. This was all just promotional babble, because he was coming in as the new Buddy Karr. The one before him, Bob Mullins (Buddy Karr #2), had recently left. Listeners, many times, would call about the "new voice-same name" thing that we did regularly. They seemed to adjust to it quickly enough though. I have said before, I left KAAY as Sonny Martin on a Friday, and a different sounding Sonny was on the air on Monday. Not too long to make that adjustment, huh?

Also in the tape you will hear Walt Sadler (Ron Owens) on several promos, and George J. Jennings. And, my favorite voice of all time, Tom Perryman with his BIG K- A- A- Y. I really wish I had left the tape rolling on some of the news, etc. The voice on the Follow-A-Car promotion, I believe, is Ray Brown (the Doc Holiday who took A.J. Lindseys place).

While it is fun for me to listen again, there is a sad part of it: Richard Wiethan, A.J Lindsey, Ray Brown, Walt Sadler, and George Jennings are no longer with us.

"Return with us now to those thrilling days of yester-year"......

Jerry Sims......Sonny Martin KAAY.....the middle one

Jerry Sims/Sonny Martin 1966:   stream   |   download

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