Wednesday, April 21, 2010


A Special "Hello" to ALL who've taken the time to not only put this blog together, keep it running, add stories to it, but also to share their thoughts & memories of "The KAAY Experience" !

If you've had the time to check-out my Personal Website ( you've probably seen some early pix & read a lot of info on my years at "The Mighty 1090".  It was truly one of the happiest, best times of my career...and, if I could get in that (as of now unfinished) Time Machine I've been building, I would set the dial for "April 21, 1969/Little Rock, Arkansas, U.S.A./KAAY Radio Studios, 1425 W.7th St." I would then go back, start it all over again, do it all BETTER than the first time, and, repeat the time period from 4-21-1969 to 9-15-1972 in a continuous loop.

Granted, I've had much success since I left KAAY, met many fantastic people, re-invented my career many times, still work at it everyday of my life, and currently have one of the hottest, most respected, individually produced, automotive sites in the R&C Industry (, BUT the time I spent at KAAY remains deep in my heart, and my memory banks.

Ever see "Citizen Kane" ?   One of my all-time favorites & Welles one of the absolute best actor's ever.  But the mystery of "Kane" was based on his dying word: "Rosebud".

With all of his power, fame, money, property...Kane's dying word was linked back over 70 years earlier.  Linked back to his childhood, and to the beloved sled that he possessed on the day his young life was changed.

If any of the above resonates within your "mind's eye", you will then understand my wanting to relive those days of fun, friends, music, excitement, adventure, learning, and working at my craft in "The Art Of Communication" at our beloved KAAY.  AND, to go back to that first day there that began a change in MY life.

So it was, on this night of the aforementioned date, that I began my days at KAAY: The Mighty 1090.   And, I've been proud to be a part of  this Legendary station ever since.

Again, I salute all of those who were with me sharing that experience.  Each has their own individual version of their involvement, but I'd like to remember and thank, those who were there at that time, and those who have passed away:  Barry Wood, Pat Walsh, David B., George Jennings, Dave Montgomery, Matt White, Phil North, Nick Markel, Walt Sadler, Richard Enderwood, Joe Dickey, Celeste Dozier, Eddie Graham, Carolyn Metheny, Eula Mae, Felix McDonald, Marvin Vines, Tom Rusk, Delores Handy, Wayne Moss, Larry Montgomery, "Little Mary"...and if I missed you're name, sorry and thanks to you too !

My time at "The Mighty 1090: KAAY" ?   It all began 41 years ago today.

God bless you all, and please keep in touch.

Your friend,

Jonnie King



    Bud S.

  2. Hey, JK! It WAS a splendid time, was it not? One of the high points of my life was getting to work alongside you at the station I grew up with. Thank you for being my friend and Happy 41!


  3. I'm glad I did something to help.
    Who would have thought that such a simple act of kindness would lead to such happiness and success for you.