Thursday, April 22, 2010

Black Oak Arkansas' "Jim Dandy" on "Dazed & Confused"

I'm not much of one to just sit & watch a movie, especially one that depicts a lot of "loose" behavior, but I'd seen this flick on Dish Network over & over & thought, "what the heck?", since it was cast in a time near when I graduated from high school.  So, I went ahead & flicked it on and immediately viewed a scene with "Jim Dandy" being played in the background!  I thought, "Well, a movie that played some Black Oak Arkansas music can't be all bad!"  In fact, there was some pretty good music from the period, by Nazareth, Alice Cooper, Ted Nugent and others.

After looking on the web, this movie actually achieved a cult status, with favorable reviews...guess I'll have to watch the entire thing next time it comes around- or, at least, the part I missed.  Can't waste TOO much time, what with so much to do on the ponderosa....

The connection?  "Jim Dandy"!

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