Thursday, April 29, 2010

Head Album Sleeve

I love researching for this blog!  I find more neat stuff...and it's even better after a dry spell when something "new" turns up.

The latest is a picture of a 1970 Head album sleeve...Head was released on the Buddah label, but, reportedly, was dropped soon after because the content of the music was "too druggy".  Well, with titles such as "Cannabis Sativa", "Methadrine" and "Lysergic Acid Diethylemide", I suppose so!!!!

The original album also included a coloring book inside the sleeve...the person who wrote about this aquisition said that he'd paid $36.00 for a scratchy LP with no coloring book inside.

As many of us know (and for those who don't), the famous 17-plus minute cut "Cannabis Sativa" was utilized by Clyde Clifford to mask the transmitter noise when he opened the mike in between selections.  The audio has been posted here earlier...just put "Head" in the search box above and click to find it.

Here is a copy of that album sleeve:

Found here:

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