Thursday, April 8, 2010

Bruce M. Speaks Out On Beaker Street Memories!

Bruce M - Houston, TX said...

Fritze, thanks for sharing your KAAY memories as a Gen-Xer. I’m on the tail-end of the Boomers (born 1961) and want to share my memories of KAAY, all Beaker Street. It was around 1973 and I was 12, living in mid-Missouri. I had 4 huge teeth pulled one day to get ready for braces, and I was up late at night with severe pain. I had an AM radio; while turning the dial amongst all the late night noise, I came across KAAY…I think there was a cool song playing, then I heard the background track. WOW! This was COOL! I would thereafter go to sleep with the radio on (if I was still awake at 11!) and listen to the show. Sometimes I’d wake up for Beaker Theatre. After I got my driver’s license and became busier, I listened to Beaker Street less often. I recall only a few times picking it up in the car, as the show discontinued sometime around 1977. You may have heard the brief clips posted on the web….one of Stuart advertising the “new” Rush Farewell to Kings album I had on a tape. I later followed FM stations, often driving several miles in the country to barely pickup KSHE 95 from St. Louis, a VERY COOL station! Anyway, I wanted to share a list of songs that I remember from Beaker Street. BTW, I never paid attention to the DJ’s back then, please accept my apologies!

A few Beaker Street Classics that I recall in the mid 70’s era…

Blind Faith – Had to Cry Today

King Crimson – Court of the Crimson King

Steve Miller- Fly Like an Eagle

Led Zeppelin – In my Time of Dying, Stairway…, Kashmir, Nobody’s Fault but Mine

Peter Frampton Live – Do You Feel Like we Do

Ted Nugent – Together, Writing on the Wall, Stranglehold

Rush – 2112, Necromancer, Lakeside Park

Black Sabbath – Wheels of Confusion, War Pigs, Paranoid, others

Jaime Brockett – Legend of USS Titanic

Frank Zappa – Montana

Leon Russell – Jumping Jack Flash

Also, lot of Yes, Little Feat, Allman Bros. I could add a few more with time, but these may stir up a memory or two!

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  1. I would love to get a copy of the air check with the Rush - Farewell To Kings spot! Please contact me at Thanks!