Thursday, July 16, 2009

Comments From Jerry Sims, a.k.a., Sonny Martin, re: Tom Perryman

I mentioned to A.J. in one of our last communications, that Tom Perryman was KAAY. What a tremendous voice. It was thrilling to hear some of the airchecks A.J. posted.

As far as Bill Clinton listening to KAAY.....I suppose he did. Everyone of his age in our area did, it seems. I do not know of any visits to the station while I was there.

I appreciate efforts to continue the blog. It is certainly fun for me, as it was for A.J. I will contribute on my time there when I can.

Jerry Sims

Thank you, Jerry...we'll be looking forward to your memories here! Bud S.

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  1. Bill Clinton visited the news dept of KAAY in Little Rock several times. As I remember, this was around '72 and/or '73, and was associated with Clinton's role with the McGovern campaign and/or Clinton's role as a member of Arkansas Young Democrats.