Thursday, July 16, 2009

An Old Station For A New Era

Friends, it's a pleasure to be here and to be a part of the Mighty1090KAAY Blogspot! Several of us wondered if this could be pulled off, knowing that in these days of computer whiz-bang wizardry, information can be here one day, gone the next. So a bunch of us KAAY and Beaker Street afficianados put our heads together and worked out a solution, with the permission of the Lindsey family, and got this blogspot going.

Dave S. has headed up the blogspot; John S. of Beaker Brothers Band has offered to safekeep the audio gleaned over the last three years; and numerous others, like Jerry Sims (Sonny Martin) and Jonnie King are along with us also, to hopefully, provide some anecdotes and insights to the station. Numerous others in our group will be relating other experiences and memories and we hope more will join our gang! This is for you, the listener, whom were enthused by KAAY and Beaker Street in their search for great music, comedy and quality programming.

I've never set foot into Arkansas, but KAAY and Beaker Street were a great influence to me growing up. Even the local radio stations had a hard time competing with the Mighty Ten-Ninety! It was SO strong, that the signal would come in 30 minutes before sundown, here in Mobile, AL. And, I would rock the night away....

"An old station for a new era"? I say, yes, since even though there were other powerhouse stations out there, KAAY touched many of us...and I personally hope this new blogspot can keep the vision and memories alive that A.J. Lindsey started back in 2006...memories that we enthusiasts of fun programming and great musical memories were able to find and enabled us to come together and be reminded what radio was. Thank you, "Doc", may we be able to keep these memories alive!

Bud S., Mobile, AL

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  1. Right on, Bud !

    You said it all, my friend.