Monday, July 27, 2009

A Humorous KCLA Story: Joke on George J. Jennings!

This came from Jim, a fellow I met on a message board recently, and involved A. J. Lindsey. This reflects the humor that so many people in the business have:

"One of my favorite stories from working with A.J. and George Jennings at KCLA was an organized collaborative effort to 'get' George. Let me explain, George J. Jennings was one of the most talented radio guys/news person I've ever worked with. No matter what was thrown at
him, George never broke up--or 'almost' never. The rest of the staff decided that we were going to break George up or die trying. A. J. was in on it, along with 'in-the-bag' and virtually everyone else. Bill Sadler, who is now a spokesman for the Arkansas State Police, was our other newsman and he captured some audio from a network feed of Tug McGraw (Tim's Dad) doing part of a commercial for a Jock Itch product.

We wrote a fake news story intro and had an 'actuality cart' to go with it. So the next morning--with the entire staff up early and listening to George and A-J, we heard George say "The heat is creating problems for residents of Ball County Arkansas..." and then Tug McGraw's audio was "..I don't care if you shower 10-times a day, you can't wash away jock itch...". That was followed by brief, stunned silence and George said "okay" in an effort to collect himself and then fell apart laughing."

Wouldn't you have liked to have been there?

BTW, Jim also worked with A.J. in the waterbed business....Thanks, Jim, we're looking forward to more!!!

Bud S. (

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