Monday, July 27, 2009


Well, I'm back from my trip to Salina, Kansas "The Crossroads Of America". Over 1,200 Rods & Customs, plus cool Rock-a-Billy music, including one of the early pioneers that's STILL rockin' Charlie Gracie ! "Butterfly", "Fabulous", and many other hit records. He is a smash performer to this day, and routinely sells out venues in Europe where he is bigger than ever !

Great Interviews with many of the Super Legends: my old friend, George Barris, who created the "Batmobile", "Munsters" cars, "Beverly Hillbillies" truck, etc. Also did a super Interview with the above mentioned Charlie Gracie, and many others.

Now that I'm back, I got to go over the previous posts made while I was gone, and David Treadway & Dave Montgomery had better get in touch with me soon ! (I always keep tabs on people who owe me money. And, David B. still is into me for at least $.25 from the soda machine purchase that I loaned him in 1970. And, I think, I may owe Montgomery $.75 in postage for some OTR tapes he sent me here in St. L. in 1974. Hey, this is High Finance at its highest level ! Money talks...nobody walks !!)

And yes, Greg, I remember the "yogurt lesson" well. The reason ? I had previously gotten some outdated yogurt that made me ill at home, and I didn't want that scenario repeated while I was on the air.

Also, David B. is absolutely right and I had planned to cover this later: No matter what "spirits" haunted those at the Transmitter, we definitely DID have a "spirit" at the Main Studio. When I arrived in April of '69 Sonny Martin was one of the first to mention the "Spirit" to me, and Barry Wood confirmed it.

I cruised along unbothered by it until one night the Fall of 1971, at which time I truly had one of the most horrible experiences that I have EVER encountered. I WILL NOT go into it here now or maybe ever, as it still frightens me to think about it all these 38 years later. BUT believe me, my friends, the Spirit at the KAAY Main Studios WAS real. (I'm sure David B. remembers the night that happened to me, and Phil North and Barry Wood could also add their own happened to Barry right in front of me.)

It's late so I'll close for now. Thanks to all who take the time to share their stories & thoughts.

I would suggest though if possible, for those of us "who were there"and make Posts, it would be cool if you would specify the date/dates of the time period your story ties in with as this gives us a "lock" on the History we're compiling here. AND, preserves that chronology for those who read these great Posts.

My best to all. Stay safe & well !

PS: Regarding KING/1090 in Seattle. I used to have fun once in awhile spelling things out as I did my drop-ins between records, over intros, into stop sets, etc. And, sometimes I'd say: "This is K-I-N-G on K-A-A-Y !" Pat Walsh used to tell me that drove any FCC Officials listening-in crazy.


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