Sunday, July 19, 2009

Jonnie King's wheels

Jonnie King, who has been kind enough to post a welcome message on this blog, rescued a few snapshots from his files and scanned them for us. They really bring back the "good old days"!

The first is a photo of Jonnie hard at work at his job as KAAY's Music Director in 1970:

(Looks like hard work, all right! I guess that's how you pick the hits --- give 'em a good listen!) For the next two photos I'll let Jonnie comment himself:

"[They] were shot in front of the KAAY Building. That's me on my "Contest Giveaway Mini-Bike" in the Spring/Summer of 1971. I gave it away on my show!"

And by the way, in the photo on the right, "the green Ford station wagon in the background is Pat Walsh's (the General Manager's) KAAY company car."
(You can click on the photos to see the full-size versions.)

Well, if Jonnie gave away his mini-bike in 1971, what is he driving now? Jonnie was kind enough to supply a photo of his wheels:

Wow! Is that a '61 Buick Invicta? Here's the scoop from Jonnie:

"Here's a pic of me in my Custom Invicta at the Darryl Starbird's National Rod & Custom Hall Of Fame Museum in Oklahoma. The man talking to me is Grammy Award Winning Jimmie Vaughan --- fantastic guitar player and car guy. He's Stevie Ray Vaughan's older brother...taught Stevie to play. Thought you might get a kick out of it!"

Jonnie is quite a classic-car buff, and over the years he has owned a '58 Thunderbird, '57 Dodge Mild Custom, '53 Buick Special, '67 Jaguar XKE, '68 Cougar XR-7, '59 Plymouth Suburban Station Wagon, a '66 Thunderbird, and a California/Arizona "Survivor" '57 Dodge D-500. (I guess I know where his spare change goes!)

Also, Jonnie maintains a super web site, "Legends of the Rod and Custom Hall of Fame" (, where you'll find interviews, stories, and photos of folks like Darryl Starbird and George Barris, as well as Jimmie Vaughan. (Here's a photo Jonnie supplied of Jimmie with his '61 Caddy:)

This weekend, Jonnie will be in Salina, Kansas, at the KKOA Custom Car Show/Lead Sled Spectacular (, meeting up with his friends and collecting more material for his web site.
Stay tuned!

---Dave S.

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