Monday, July 27, 2009

Identity Revealed! By David Treadway

Wow, of all the stories about if, or if there wasn't, a real gravesite at the transmitting tower, here comes David Treadway! This was a comment under the Hot Scott Fisher post:

"FADICK!!! Treadway here. LOVED seeing your post on this fine new blog--and THANK YOU for mentioning the tombstone under the "western" tower in the array. If memory serves, the kid's name was Glaspie Dillard, who died in 1929 at about the age of five. Phil North showed me the marker in the summer of '71, and I have been back a couple more times over the years.The way I heard it, there was a graveyard on the land selected for the transmitter site when KTHS moved from Hot Springs in 1951 or '52. All the graves were relocated, except for one, and I was told they couldn't find any of the family so it was left where it was. Whether truth or tall tale, ya gotta admit that it's a story WORTHY of KAAY. Poor Glaspie has undoubtedly not rested since they fired up that big-a$$ RCA for the first time. (Aside to readers who may not know: the transmitter building AND the studios at both 1425 W. 7th and 2400 Cottondale Lane were quite haunted.)Ah, such memories! Guess it's time to get off the half a heinie that I have left and start contributing.Cheers, Old Friend!David B. Treadwaya.k.a. The Last Doc Holiday"

David, would you consider contributing more stories for us, please? Feel free to contact me ASAP at my e-mail address below- and thank you!

Bud S. (

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