Wednesday, July 15, 2009

In memorium: A.J. Lindsey, 1941-2009

Hello! If you have found your way this far, it means you have likely been a reader of A.J. Lindsey's blog, KAAY 1090.

After a brief illness, A.J. (''Doc Holiday'') passed on May 17, 2009.
Since the weblog you are reading is meant to continue the work A.J. started, it is fitting that we begin it with a short tribute to "Doc'':

A.J. Lindsey was born December 22, 1941 to A.J. and Mattie Lindsey in Little Rock, Arkansas. He became well known to radio listeners in the southern U.S. when he joined KAAY Radio in 1963 as "Doc Holiday.'' Perhaps Doc was most notorious for his proclamations and dares as "Emperor Holiday,'' which made for great publicity for the radio station:

The Emperor's Commandos (listeners) were awarded membership cards and instructed to stay glued to KAAY to receive their marching orders from the Emperor himself:

A.J. had a deep, melodious broadcasting voice, which he used to great effect on the air. At the end of this note is an audio clip you can play to hear it yourself.

In his retirement, A.J. was a volunteer instructor for the Fort Smith Senior Net, a member of the Alma Rotary Club, and a member of Heritage United Methodist Church.
In 2006, he started his KAAY1090 weblog, which has served as an archive and a meeting place for KAAY staffers, listeners, and fans. A.J. is survived by two daughters, Lora Toland of San Diego, CA, and Holly Lindsey of Daytona, FL; one son, Marc Lindsey and his wife Brandy of Lavaca, AR; as well as one grandson, Davis Jim Lindsey of Lavaca, AR. He is sadly missed by his many friends and fans.

The archive of pictures, music, videos, and memories in A.J.'s weblog is extensive, and we are fortunate to have it.
But there are more pictures, music, videos, and memories to collect, and that is the purpose of the new weblog, the one you are reading now.
A group of A.J.'s former colleagues, KAAY listeners, and fans are working together to host this new blog and to add to A.J.'s work.
Over the weeks and months that follow, and with your help, we will continue to share the great sounds and memories of the Mighty Ten Ninety, KAAY, Little Rock. Please join us!

To get us started on the journey, let's listen to A.J. --- Doc Holiday --- tell us in his own words how KAAY first came on the air on Labor Day, 1962 (click on the picture below or click here)...

---Dave S.


  1. Thanks for all your work and for the continuation of the legacy of AJ "Doc"! I'm glad people are remembering his talents and preserving his work for future generations. lj

  2. Many thanks for "taking up the gauntlet" and continuing A.J.'s preservation of the important work we did at KAAY.

    Like WLS, WABC, KOMA, and a number of other Powerhouses in the 60's & Early-70's, we WERE one of America's most listened to & respected Radio Stations.

    That's why the echoes of our signal still reach into the memory banks of all who listened...and, more importantly,into all of us who were there in-person to create those echoes.

    Best wishes to all,

    Jonnie King

  3. As a young lad of 11 or 12 i used to listen to the mighty 1090 all the time up in Stevens Point, Wisconsin. I remember the legendary on air feud between Doc Holliday and Rob Robbins in 1964 or thereabouts. I also remember Rob Robbins doing his music set called the Oldies but Goodies Show. I can also remember Buddy Karr's top ten countdown and the interesting newscasts set to dramatic music along with the syndicated updates from Hollywood columnist Jimmy Fidler. Thanks for the memories.