Saturday, July 18, 2009

More about the startup of KAAY

After reading my post on A.J. and listening to A.J.'s re-creation of the start of KAAY on Labor Day, 1962, Bud Stacey remembered a clip A.J. posted on his blog on August 25, 2006, from the "Timeless Tracks" radio show, about the startup of KAAY. Here it is:

Then... I remembered that Ron Henselman had recorded part of the day when KTHS in Little Rock was signing off and KAAY was signing on. Ron donated the clip to A.J., who posted it on January 1, 2009, labelling it with the title of "The Greatest Aircheck of All Time." Here it is again, and it really is great to hear the first minutes when KTHS became KAAY:

---Dave S.

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