Wednesday, July 29, 2009

A Reunion? Says Dave Montgomery!

"So I checked the new blog and “found” Fadick, and Treadway, Jonnie, and Downes out there – where have-ya been guys? Lurking? Dang it’s good to hear from you! And, boy would a reunion be nice over a slab of ribs and couple of brews!

I am so glad to hear Jonnie and David B, Greg and Dick have done so well. And so many good stories to stack onto the KAAY experience. Wonder if anyone would be interested in a “Where are they now?” follow up?

Anyone else out there lurking who hasn’t checked in yet? Sunny, where art ye? Wayne? Barry? Phil? Clyde / Dale ??

Greg, thank for the offer, but you can keep the change - - - Heh!

Dave M // David Ray (Lee Roy is truly my middle name)

(Saturday morning, fill in and full time wire twister par excellance)"

Yes, how about a follow-up, folks? We're working hard here, but many hands make the burden light! Let us know what's up!

Bud S. (

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