Thursday, July 16, 2009


During the 60's and continuing through most of the 70's, KAAY Radio was for many "America's Station". Located in the Heartland of America we beamed into almost 40 States & 11 Foreign Countries.

I remember when I was doing the 8p-11p shift getting calls from all over the country. You NEVER knew where the call was coming from til you answered the phone, and it could be from Chicago, Fort Wayne,St. Louis, New Orleans,Fort Dodge, Iowa, Lincoln, Nebraska...ANYWHERE !

I used to get mail on a regular basis from all over America, plus Canada, and, Cuba. Sometimes, when the 1090 Signal reached Cuba, they thought I was Jonnie "Keen". Didn't matter as long as they listened & took the time to write. I saved most of the letters, and keep them proudly in my Archives.

The years I spent at KAAY (from Aprii, 1969 to September, 1972) contain some of the fondest memories of my career. I'll be celebrating my 42nd Anniversary in Broadcasting this September 10th, 2009, and the time I spent at KAAY/1090 ALWAYS reverberates most strongly in my memory banks.

The station, the personnel, the sales staff, the remotes, the listeners, the people of Little Rock, the truly fantastic girls of Arkansas who kept me company, all treated me like a, like a...well, like a "King". And have always had a special place in my heart.

I thank A.J. for beginning this blog many years ago, and to Dave S., John, my friend Bud, Jerry Sims, and all of the rest who have, as I mentioned in a previous note "taken up the gauntlet", re-grouped, and continued A.J.'s important work. And, I humbly thank you for asking me to be in the vanguard of contributors to the new Site.

Due to handling my own 3 WebSites I'm not sure how expansive my involvement here will be, but I will try to contribute as often as I can. Please let me know if there's anything, or, any information I can help you with.

My best to all, and if you have time and would care to check-out my WebSites I would consider it an honor. The Sites' info & previews can be reached through:

Those of you who remember "The Breakfast Serial" on KAAY will be able to re-live those thrilling days of yesteryear as, since 1973, I have produced and syndicated the "Serial". It initially was done with the help and blessing of my old friend/team mate, George Jennings, and has been at many stations across the country.

Now here's the good news: the ENTIRE Catalog for "The Breakfast Serial", PLUS, Episodes, Demo, and, Special Audio Previews are on the Site at: Enjoy !

Stay safe and well, and remember A.J. as he was one of the best.

Your friend,

Jonnie King / St. Louis

PS: YES ! Someday there will be a book ! And my years at KAAY will be chronicled with much information, many shared experiences, and a lot of warm memories.

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