Tuesday, July 28, 2009

David B. Treadway Checks In!

Man, oh, man, the hits just keep on comin'! We're blessed with people checking in from the golden years of KAAY and David's the latest! Here's an e-mail I received from him today:

"Hi, Bud!

First off, thank you for the new KAAY Blog and may the name of A.J. Lindsey live on for a thousand years! I found the blog by accident (of course) and was immediately smitten by the fact that people like Jonnie King and Dave ("Lee Roy truly is my middle name") Montgomery and Hot Scott Fischer and Dick Downes were posting. I will be sending along some drivel of my own from time to time, in hopes that even Mortals may get a sense of the KAAY Magic.

I came to KAAY in March of 1971 and got to read the livestock market report in the noon farm show with Marvin Vines for my on-air audition. To this day, I have no idea what "canners and cutters, steady to .50 lower" actually means--but I read that script like I knew what I was doing and got a weekend news and DJ gig under the air name of Holiday (no "Doc" at first). That was on a Thursday and Wayne Moss (Operations Manager) told me I could start the following Saturday morning at 6:00. I was a hair over twenty years old and this was all the glory there could possibly BE in the Universe!

The thing that still shines at me through all the years is the way I was ACCEPTED by STARS like Sonny Martin, George Jennings, Jonnie King, Mike McCormick, Clyde Clifford, Wayne Moss, Mitch Michaels, Mary Donald and my great friend and mentor Phil North. They all freely shared their knowledge with me, which is astounding when you consider that they all had talent enough to justify massive ego trips. I never even saw a TRACE of that with this bunch of Legends!

Before I sign off for now, I need to point out that until Phil North shows up I am the YOUNGEST member of the Golden Age air roster, perfectly preserved and inordinately good-looking. Let the Geezers now discuss that among themselves.

Very Truly Yours,

David B. Treadway
Friendship, Arkansas"

David, I must say that the kind words are much appreciated, BUT, there are those here other than me pushing this blog forward! Folks both here and behind the scenes who are doing more "stuff" than I would ever be capable of to do this thing! And, please note, I was an avid listener, who never got to take part in the day-to-day doings of KAAY- I was at least a faithful listener, who was inspired by the things that went on with the station. Even though I'd not worked directly for a radio station, I was spurred on to do certain things, such as doing a stint as a Sound Tech for 15 years, doing program production that was aired on two local radio stations for a number of years, did an infomercial for one of my vendors and other small tasks. I feel blessed to be (almost) rubbing elbows with folks like y'all!

This Mere Mortal will be awaiting more of your anecdotes...please write often! And if you have any "pull" with any of the other legendary KAAY folk, tell 'em to check in, as well! Thank you, David.

Bud S. (staceys4@hotmail.com)

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