Monday, November 2, 2009

Doug Krile Checks In

Doug regales of his time at the station:


My time at Cottondale Lane was quite limited, doing some part-time work there while anchoring at KARK. The first shot was doing early morning on the 1010 AM signal - when it was "Hot Talk" - with Tracey Carrington. Later, when Dick Price was doing mid-days, I recall stopping by and getting the story of the carpeting on the wall and how it dated back to the old days of KAAY. Later, I did a noon-1 pm talk gig on KSYG, during the period they were trying to establish it as a talk powerhouse - as I recall I followed a strange series of shows, including Dr. Joycelyn Elders and that guy who broadcast from his home in New Mexico - I'm drawing a blank as to his name, but he got bounced from a gig in San Francisco (I believe) and tried syndicating his own show from his home. I spent some time running the board for his show, too.

Along the way, Scott Anderson came on board after getting noticed as part of a three-man syndicated show out of Phoenix.

Honestly, I had more fun doing those deals on the side than almost anything else! The daily interaction with the listeners was incredible and I still miss that!


Thank you, Doug!  Maybe the guy in New Mexico was Art Bell?

Comments, station history, listener memories, etc. are ALWAYS welcome here, so y'all come on in- we have an "open door" policy here, kick your shoes off, sit back, talk about old times and enjoy!

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  1. Nope, it wasn't Art Bell. He was/is in Arizona. This is driving me CRAZY, trying to remember this old guy's name! I believe I read a few years ago that he had passed away. I did a Google search for San Francisco radio personalities and couldn't find anything that looked familiar. Maybe it was another CA market? I know I didn't just dream all of this!

  2. Never Google your own never know who might be talking about you. :) I remember that carpet well. Underneath it, the KAAY crew had signed the wall.