Thursday, November 19, 2009

Moses Melody Shop

Whew, when the ideas flow, the memories come back, especially when I'm doing research and find something ELSE that pops up in passing.

Moses Melody Shop was termed "the hippest record shop in Little Rock" by a couple of sources.  Several local bands were able to hawk their records there.  What little bit I could find is from the text of a book I found on Google Books and Amazon, "A Corner Of The Tapestry: A History of the Jewish Experience in Arkansas":

"Cleve Moses (1880-1949) established the Moses Melody Shop in Little Rock shortly after World War I.  It was one of the most popular stores of its kind for more than sixty years and was continued by Cleve's sons, Cleve Moses Jr. and James (Cleve Moses Jr. moved to Houston after World War II and established a music store there.)"

Moses Melody Shop was one of the tenants of the McCain Mall; others were the McCain Mall Cinema, Johns Jeans (mentioned in the blog previously), The Ranch, Foxmoor Casuals, Butler's Shoes, Musicland, Paul's Shoes and Mr. Dunderbak's, as per some info I found on another blog (and I lost the address!).  I'll have to find it again, for reference...does anyone remember any of these vendors advertising with KAAY?


  1. Don't remember a Moses Melody Shop in McCain Mall; however, there was one at Park Plaza...

  2. Prior to Park Plaza, the Moses Melody Shop was on Main Street, but it closed that location in 1977.

  3. I have a couple 45s from the Houston shop that have green Moses Melody shop stickers on them... it was at 912 Rusk in Houston, but closed long before my time.