Thursday, March 25, 2010

1953 KTHS Newspaper Notice, From Fritze Prentice!

As many of us remember, KTHS was one of the oldest radio stations in Arkansas, and on Labor Day of 1962, KTHS became KAAY.  Fritze Prentice, a friend and contributor to this blog, has invited us to link to his blog regarding a bit of history regarding KTHS:

Yesterday, March 24, in 1953, KTHS 1090 signed on at 5 o'clock A.M. as a full-time station with 50,000 watts from the Wrightsville site...I took the liberty of posting the newspaper ad here and it and more info are at Fritze's blog at the above link....

Thank you, Fritze!  What a find!

Be sure to visit and enjoy Fritze's blog often, as well: "DXing From Lincoln County, Arkansas".  Fritze has also prompted his visitors to visit this blog as well.

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