Monday, March 29, 2010

David B. Treadway Comments On A.J.

Among his many pursuits, A.J. Lindsey was involved in selling parcels of land up in North Arkansas. This was in 1971, I think, and he would do phone-in spots on Sunday afternoons--when I was on-air as Doc Holiday.

It got back to me indirectly, but the gist of his comment was that he sold more land when I was on than at any other time. Now, that was HIGH praise coming from a legend with whom I got to share an air name!

(It also dovetailed neatly with Walsh Dictum Number Two: "There ain't but one set of ratings that matters a d*mn, and that's how much money did you make.")

To Bud: It's not unusual at ALL that A.J. would take time with you. He would do that for ANYONE who wanted to converse about KAAY. Perhaps he was the one who started the tradition of never being too busy to talk to a listener. Maybe it was in place before him, but no matter. It was firmly in place in the company culture early on.

It bears repeating: every one of the Legends I met during my time there took time to teach me. There was never the slightest hint of ego, and they accepted me as one of their own.

That's pretty much what happened between you and A.J., isn't it?

David B. Treadway
Doc Holiday VII

(Yes, David, that's pretty much it!  And I felt fortunate that One of the Greats took time for a listener, no matter HOW long it had been since he was on the air.  Also, I am fortunate that you, Jerry Sims, Marvelous Mark Larson, Dave Montgomery, Jonnie King, Barry McCorkindale and other Greats, both of early and of later tenure, who also take the time to relate to me and the other KAAY afficianados, both here and in a personal way...we are so rich because of it!  Thank you so much to ALL the Great Ones of KAAY!  Bud S.)

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  1. A.J.'S first phone conversation with me lasted until his cellular phone battery died. The conversation was so long I thought maybe he used up all of the minutes in his plan. I came close running out my minutes for the first and only time during my initial conversation with A.J. I learned a lot that day.

    Ron Henselman