Thursday, March 11, 2010

Ron H. Comments On IBOC

Your comments about IBOC are valid. The wideband hiss on adjacent frequencies is something I experience here in the Chicago area when I try to tune between the 50, 000 watt local stations. I noticed many of the IBOC equipped stations have stated they have reduced their audio frequency response on the main AM component of their signal to a maximum of 5 KHz for technical reasons. It doesn't seem fair to allow them to occupy so much bandwidth. With the old AM methods, the only time they occupied the adjacent channel was when an audio tone was above the 5 KHz audio range. This resulted in a scratching noise on the adjacent channel. Most of us learned to ignore the occasional noise when we listened to KAAY. In fact, KAAY was usually strong enough to overcome the adjacent channel signal. The wideband hiss is a different story. It is more than a slight annoyance.


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