Monday, March 1, 2010

More Ray Lincoln

I'd been thinking about what else we could do to bring a little more to this blog about Ray Lincoln (among other folks).  I found a link on A.J.'s old blog that led me to the KTHV-TV website, when they did a tribute to him.  I couldn't pass up bringing a couple of pictures to you, one of Ray apparently having a great time at the console (unknown radio station, perhaps KAAY?) and one of a brochure showing off one of his characters:

To say the least, from what everyone tells us, he was a hilarious, wild bunch of characters rolled into one human body.  If anyone has any airchecks of him besides what we've posted here, please get them to me!  We'll get them posted here a.s.a.p.!

Here's the link where these pictures were found:

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  1. The top picture of Ray Lincoln sure LOOKS like it was taken in the KLAZ control room at 2309 Durwood Road, near the Hillcrest area of Little Rock. The picture would be prior to early 1978, when the station moved to the Prospect Building.

    Rock on, Raymond. You are dearly loved and sorely missed.