Sunday, March 21, 2010

Movie: The Snowball Express

I'm not sure where this fits in, but it was an ad aired on KAAY in the early '70s for a Walt Disney movie.  Harry Morgan, one of my favorite actors, is mentioned in it, as well as Dean Jones and Nancy Olsen.  Also mentioned was the feature, "The Magic Of Walt Disney World".

Many of us grew up on Disney, but were dismayed when we saw what some of the later movies became, along with some of the urban legends accompanying them.  There's still good movies out there in syndication and when they are "brought out of the vault" for sale.  My wife & I still have a lot of Disney movies (VHS) on-hand from when our kids were young, but I'd still like to get more non-cartoon movies.

Enjoy the audio, compliments of Barry Mac....

KAAY Ad for Disney's "Snowball Express":  stream  |  download

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