Friday, March 19, 2010

We "Broke" 10,000! And Comments From David B. Treadway

Re: the upcoming bittersweet surprise mentioned a few days ago...I'd mentioned to a couple of the guys who collaborated on it and how excited I was to see the number of visitors to the blog.  I only hope that, what with word getting out and the recent (February) Monitoring Times article about KAAY, this little niche tribute site would continue to grow!  And it has, more than ten thousand "hits" on this date!  Maybe not as good as, say a classic car site, or something of the sort, but the memories of KAAY live on!

The wise and sage David B. comments:

"I must remind us of what The Great Walsh said about numbers all those years ago:

"There ain't but one set of ratings that matters a d*mn and that's how much money did you make." He would sometimes add:

"If you believe the good ratings, you also have to believe the bad ones."

Pat could be cynical to the point of surreal, but I am SURE he would be proud of the way his (our) station endures well beyond its expiration date. You may put me in the "proud" column as well.

Yes, Bud, that's a helluva job for a "niche" website! You and your team are to be commended for a job done EXCEEDINGLY well done! Perhaps the niche is a bit bigger than any of us thought?

I look forward in eager dread to reading the Last Day(s) commemoration on the site. Sorta like driving past a lovely meadow and thinking "Say! Wasn't there a bad wreck right about here 25 years ago? It all looks so peaceful now...:"

All the best,


I can only wish I'd had the opportunity to meet Pat Walsh, or to even talk with him before he passed on.  One wonders how a blog or website would progress under his direction.

Stay tuned!

Bud S. (

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  1. I would like to say Pat Walsh was and Awesome man and ran a fantastic radio station..I met Pat when I was in high school and he let me do some work around KAAY..I was a kid but it did't matter to Pat..I grew up with Kaay and all the great music that came from that station..There were lots of fantastic people there..I lived next door to Barry Wood when they started KLAZ..I had the first bumper sticker they made..Love and Peace to all who were there and are still around..Sheilia York Maddox Lovil