Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Doug Krile To Head Arkansas Broadcasters Association

This story appeared on the Arkansas Business website, under the "media & marketing" category.  Doug Krile is a frequent and welcome visitor/contributor to this blog site.  I know that all of us wish Doug well in his new role with the Arkansas Broadcasters Association.  He will represent the broadcast industry in Arkansas well.  Congratulations, Doug!

Richard Robinson

Doug Krile To Head Arkansas Broadcasters Association
Arkansas Business (
Doug Krile, the longtime newsman and marketer, will take over as executive director of the Arkansas Broadcasters Association on April 1. In that role, he hopes to guide member television and radio stations on best uses of new technologies.
"I have not been thrilled with the things that have happened in the broadcast industry over the last 10 years. I don't think anybody has," Krile said, citing the old woes: too few people producing too much news with too little money. He began his career in radio, but Arkansans might recognize him best for the 11 years he spent as a newscaster at KARK-TV, Channel 4. In 1997, he left for a corporate post at the broadcast chain Equity Broadcasting of Little Rock, where he spent 10 years before taking a tech marketing position at Arkansas Children's Hospital. Since leaving that job in 2007, he has worked with a partner on the startup Station X, a digital media and marketing venture.
"Honestly, if I were to design a job for me at this point in my life, I don't think I could do it any better than this one," he said. "It does so much."
The ABA's current executive director, Jim McCall, will remain in the office through July before moving to a consulting role for the body. The ABA is an advocacy and advisory organization for broadcasters, as well as an advertising consortium.

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