Friday, March 19, 2010

TV Icons, Fess Parker, Peter Graves Pass Away This Week

Talk about memories!  These two actors were the favorites of many.

I especially remember watching Fess Parker in "Daniel Boone" in my youth.  His Disney "Davy Crockett" movies were outstanding as well, along with a long list of other movies.  And, yes, I fantasized about having a rifle like Old Betsy!

Good article here:

And Peter Graves, of the TV series "Fury", later of "Mission: Impossible"...what a great, suspenseful show!  His silver hair had always been his trademark.  I suppose my favorite character, however, was Clarence Oveur in "Airplane!"  What can I say- I love to laugh!

Another good article here:

Why mention TV?  Because it was a big part of our growing up, along with radio...and these two men were part of great programming, NOT something we get today...much of today's fare is an insult to our intelligence, in my opinion.

Rest easy, gentlemen...see you, back to our regular radio programming....

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