Wednesday, March 3, 2010

J.C.Penny's and Bonanza Ads

Yup, what a day...go to Penny's for a sewing sale, then off to Bonanza for a nice evening meal with the family after shopping!

Does anyone recognize the female announcer on the Penny's ad?  And, just speculation on my part, it sounds like Sonny Martin III and George J. Jennings on the Bonanza advertizement.

We no longer have any Bonanza restaraunts here locally...are there any even in existance anywhere?

Thanks again to Barry Mac for sharing from his collection!

 J.C. Pennys ad:  stream  |  download
Bonanza ad:  stream download


  1. There are five Bonanza's left in Arkansas per their website, and only two on the fringes of Central Arkansas. The Pine Bluff location on Olive St has been there forever it seems. Other than Morrilton , the only ones left are in Eastern Arkansas in Forrest City, Paragould, and West Memphis.

  2. The female on the Penny's ad is Delores Handy.
    The Bonanza voices are Wayne Moss & George Jennings.

  3. The voices are George Jennings and Wayne Moss /DM/

  4. On the Penney's ad, the voice sounds a lot like Mary Donald (Delores Handy), but I seem to remember a station prohibition against news personnel doing commercials unless it was a character voice, as Ms Handy provided for Josephine Bonaparte on the Campaign spots. George Jennings was under no such restrictions, as he brought in a fair amount of revenue in his capacity as a sales rep.

    As to the Bonanza ad, you're close on the Sonny Martin, 'cept it was I instead of III. Fellow by the name of Wayne Moss.